Who Are We

Our mission at Kingi’s Kajukenbo is to empower youth, parents, and entire families through martial arts, personal development, and community action.

A staple in the community since 1981, Kingi’s Kajukenbo has been cultivating empowerment in its students and participants by reaching out through martial arts, education, and mentoring. With our history of training, achievements, knowledge, and wisdom passed down over the years, we have been able to effectively relate that expertise and understanding to students of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. We aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to grow and learn, and an opportunity for people to explore and develop personal goals and success.

At our school, you will learn Forms (Katas), Self-Defense Techniques, Point Sparring (Sport Karate), & Street Fighting. We teach and deal with reality and practicality in our training. We will supply you with the knowledge to defend yourself in virtually any situation and at the same time, provide you the life skills needed to achieve your highest goals. Our students don’t only view us as a martial arts school but as a FAMILY. We look forward to you joining our family soon.



“The best Place Ever!! I am VERY pleased and satisfied with Kingi’s!! The care and dedication that they have shown towards the children who attend classes here is beyond what I expected.  My child is definitely apart of a life changing Experience. “
– Reva Andrews

“Kingi’s Kaju has blessed me tremendously in more ways than they know.

When I searched for a martial arts studio, I found Kingi’s. Being a Father with small children motivated me to learn to protect them. I watched dozens of their videos and at first it very intimidating. It was intimidating because Kingi’s is the real deal. You don’t go there just to get a belt. You go there to learn to fight. I sucked it up and joined the class and went full steam ahead. But then I noticed this a family run business. On any given day you can see the father, mother, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and/or friends all teaching lessons. Literally , almost anyone you meet named Kingi has some sort of black belt. The concept of family permeates the environment. As a new father this left a great impression on me. I was especially impressed with the GrandMaster Rick Kingi in that He has ensured that all of his children and everyone in his family is well equipped for battle. Along with the numerous young men who could be out in the streets instead of learning discipline and structure. I hope that I could provide such a legacy for my own family. At Kingi’s I see young men, old men, kids, families, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons all talking classes together. There is a strange sort of bond and friendship that happens when you fight someone, or spar with someone. These are things I did not anticipate when I signed up, but blessed me beyond what I had expected.”

– Aaron Johnson

“Simply the best! A professional, safe, warm, & inviting tradition within the community. Where both children and adults alike are afforded the opportunity to express themselves, through exploration of this beautiful martial art. It’s hard work, no doubt. But with every tear comes a dozen smiles; and with every bump, bruise, & knock down, there’s an entire Ohana (family) to lift you back up!”
– Duane Cobb

“This place is a rare find, truly EXTRAORDINARY for sure and really nothing short of amazing..I walked thru their doors over a year ago in need of help with my two challenging children, lo and behold one year later my daughter is now an A/B student just transferring into honor classes with a teen attitude that is starting to calm, my son is starting to come out of his shell and has improved dramatically in school now getting B’s.

They are learning so much at Kingis Kajukenbo first is respect for others and for themselves, how to focus and follow instructions, an art form of self-defense, they stress to the kids the need to achieve good grades and reward them when they do, they learn positive life skills. It’s a family run dojo and they make you feel like Ohana, it’s a great environment for the whole family, you end up becoming friends with the other parents,  everyone is welcome. Grand Master Rick gives such good advice, at the beginning he told me just keep bringing your kids, he saw what I couldn’t see at the time, I’m so glad I continued! He reminds me of my Dad :). His son Professor Robert is firm, patient and kind, an incredible teacher he tailors his teaching methods to meet the need of each individual and he’s on point. Alma the nice lady at the front desk is always great, she is my son’s favorite you can often hear her cheering the kids on from the side. Everyone there is so nice and supportive. The yearly Christmas Gala is a family affair, so much fun, in October the Haunted house is scary, they do summer cruises in July, they have summer/winter camps, potluck spring parties, picture days etc, there is always something fun going on 🙂 I’m so thankful for everything they have done for my family and I. I am so blessed to be a part of Kingis Kajukenbo Ohana. My only regret is that I didn’t have my two children part of the Ohana the moment they could walk !!!!!”
– Moana V.


Senior Grandmaster Rick Kingi
Senior Grandmaster Rick Kingi

SGM Rick Kingi started his training along with his brothers and some friends.He trained under GM Carlos Bunda and obtained his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1968. He was Carlos Bunda’s first black belt. During the middle 1960’s, Rick also had the pleasure of training under the late John Leoning and the late Dave Kawashima.

Professor Robert Kingi
Professor Robert Kingi

Professor Robert began training the moment he was able to take his first steps. Robert had the privilege to train under his Dad, Mom, Brothers & Sister as well all of the other outstanding black belts along the way. Robert received his Jr. Black Belt in 1992 at the age of 10, the youngest Black Belt in the history of Kingi’s Kajukenbo.



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– Sijo Adriano D. Emperado