About the JUNIORS

The Juniors martial arts program targets their stage of development in a manner that adapts to their adventurous attitude and youthful nature while at the same time building skills that set them up for success. Seven to nine year old’s are what most people consider “the golden age.” They are proficient in their vocabulary and problem-solving skills, yet they are not at the age where they want complete independence from adults. This makes the teacher-student relationship stronger than ever.

This program is geared towards improving their confidence, focus, agility, courage, and coordination. In addition to learning martial arts and how to defend themselves, the students will learn how to set goals, pursue and achieve them. We encourage them to have fun while also learning respect and maintaining a disciplined and structured learning environment.

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Duration & Frequency

Juniors classes are 1 hour and meet up to 5 times a week. Please check the current schedule for class times.


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7-9 Year Olds

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4 Reasons to Start Martial Arts Now!

Our lives move faster than the speed of light these days and before we realize what we have to do, we’ve already missed the opportunity. Take the chance NOW to get in control of your mind, your fitness and your safety by enrolling in Kingi’s Kajukenbo!

After enrolling in our program, here is what you can expect:

Reason #1

Enjoy the confidence of knowing you are able to defend yourself.

Through our program, you’ll learn that words are never enough to start a fight, but also that you can be confident when a threat presents itself. You will learn simple techniques that are based on maximum effectiveness through fighting smarter, not harder. Gaining the self control that comes from Kajukenbo will ensure that you only react when absolutely necessary.

Kingi’s Kajukenbo teaches our students to respect the art form by never misusing it. You will develop confidence through your training, but that confidence will extend into every element of your life.

Reason #2

Your Health & Fitness will greatly improve.

Some students join martial arts to take control of their health and fitness. Though improvements in confidence and self defense are endlessly valuable, most students begin looking into martial arts programs as a way to earn back the waistline they want or to get into the shape they want to be in.

Regardless of what you want to look like, our program will give you the tools you need to shred those extra pounds and get the physique that you have always wanted. You will be building muscle while losing fat and love the way you feel! Younger students will gain the coordination, motor skills, and endurance to thrive in any sport they choose whether its travel ball or school teams. We have lots of former students that have gone on to become successful D1 athletes in college and into the pros.

We are inundated with advertisements for supplements and workout programs that promise they will make you slim and fit. You probably know by now that they are not true. There is no quick fix! We don’t promise our program is easy, because its not, and you don’t want easy! You want an effective fitness and lifestyle program that can adjust to your strengths and limitations from day one. Look no further!

Reason #3

Get Back Your Mental Clarity.

Just. Calm. Down.

As you’re running this person to ballet and that one to football and this one to karate, while trying to arrange dinner and realizing that you didn’t upload the attachment to that email that you sent a few hours ago…do you ever wonder if there is a way to make the chaos stop? I bet you want to just calm down. As a student with multiple assignments due, track practice, homework, and college essays to write, how can you make it all slow down?

Take some time each week for classes at Kingi’s Kajukenbo and your overwhelming inundations with “stuff” can become more manageable almost instantly. It may not seem like it now, but adding this one thing to your weekly schedule will give you that “unwind” time and much needed time to recharge and do something for YOURSELF.

Reason #4

Your Family Will Grow

Expect to have a much larger family when you enroll in our program. You will quickly gain new brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces and great new friends that may turn out to be the best friend you will have for the rest of your life. Yes, its true! We are one big family! OHANA (family) is what we call it and the moment you join our family, we treat you as such.

Our team of dedicated instructors and students will offer you the beginnings of the support system necessary to succeed in martial arts and also in life. Fellow students typically form a safety net of people who push you to reach your goals and support you through the

These benefits alone should be enough to get you through the door. In the event that you’re still on the fence, here are a few more things to keep in mind. By enrolling at Kingi’s Kajukenbo, you will:

  • Learn to clear your mind and calm your body

  • Take classes that are fun, practical, and just flat out awesome!

  • Take control of your thoughts through methods that reinforce self control

  • Develop willpower that drives you to achieve your goals

  • Overcome fears that stand in your way of progress

  • Reduce anxiety through natural and non-medicinal methods

  • Reinforce your sense of calm with confidence of physical strength and self defense

  • Increase ability to focus on every day tasks

  • Empower yourself to take control of your future

  • Gain confidence that will last the rest of your life

Joining Kingi’s Kajukenbo will show you that the ability to achieve has always been inside of you, and that there is no reason for you to let it stay dormant any longer. All of the things in life that you can’t seem to get a hold of are attainable and we want to empower you to grow as an athlete as well as a person. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab life by the horns.

If you are ready for all of this and more, get started today! Just hit the button that says “Get Started Today!

Get Started Today!


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